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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my water so important?
Water is the most important substance for all life.  Most city-produced water contains chlorine to combat iron and bacteria, but do you want that chlorine in your drinking water?
What are the main types of water treatment available?
Iron filtration, to remove iron; Carbon filtration, to remove odor and bad taste; Softening to remove hardness; and Reverse Osmosis for ultimate 
What does a Water Softener do?
It exchanges hardness ions with sodium ions, resulting in soft water (Hint: sodium can be removed through reverse osmosis.)

Why do I want soft water?
Calcium-magnesium ("hardness") builds up in your plumbing, your water heater, all of your appliances, and clothing. With soft water, you will save money on cleaning supplies, appliance maintenance, water heating bill, clothing.
What is Reverse Osmosis?
The process of purification that produces the best form of drinking water.  Reverse Osmosis removes 99.8% of impurities in the water and filters water down to about .0001 micron.
Is 24-hour emergency service available?
Yes, we will provide necessary emergency service after hours.
How do I maintain my salt tank?

  • Use solar salt crystals, also called extra course solar.

  • Approximately four bags will fill your tank.

  • Always use up the salt in the tank before filling more.  When you start to see water, this is a good time to add a new batch of salt.

  • Check the salt level monthly.

  • Check the water level in the salt (brine) tank before filling.  If the water level is up to the overflow valve, or more than half full, call our technical support staff for service.

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